Anne Thorne Weaver Lounge at the Orpheum Theater

Orpheum Theater Anne Thorne Weaver Lounge

Anne Thorne Weaver Lounge at the Orpheum Theater

A Striking and Sophisticated Lounge Greets Patrons

Located in downtown Omaha, the Anne Thorne Weaver Lounge in the Orpheum Theater is a dedicated private area for hospitality and relaxed conversation before performances and during intermission. The intent was to create a feeling similar to a sophisticated metropolitan hotel lounge: intriguing yet familiar for the globe-trotting patrons that sponsor the theater.

  • The Orpheum Theater, including the main lobby space, has a traditional baroque interior with heavy ornamentation, marble finishes, and a rich color palette of red, gold, and green.
  • The Weaver Lounge draws on this established palette while tying in more contemporary elements. Linear cantilevered shapes create contrast with the traditional coved and beam ceiling.
  • A colorful glass pendant light functions as an artistic centerpiece for the lounge. Bright white acrylic back-lighted panels create privacy from the exterior and interior lobby while providing signage at both entrances, and support the luxurious black marble bar.
Orpheum Theater Anne Thorne Weaver Lounge
Orpheum Theatre

Omaha, NE
United States