Bristol Myers Squibb Office Renovation

Bristol-Myers Squibb Module E Office Renovation

Bristol Myers Squibb Office Renovation

A “Kit of Parts” Helps Renovation Enhance Engagement

Bristol Myers Squibb is currently in the process of adopting new workplace standards that are intended to transform their office environments to new open and highly collaborative spaces. The renovation is comprised of three modules: B, D and E. This workplace strategy calls for a “kit of parts” that will increase collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Implementation of new experiential graphics supports the organization’s brand and mission, further enhancing employee engagement with the interiors space.

  • The new workplace standard forms the basis of the design with a mixture of various size collaboration and meeting rooms programmed for each floor based on the specific functional requirements of the departments.
  • The project involves a full gut renovation of the floors with new mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, upgrades to existing core elements such as restrooms, elevators and extensive coordination with new audiovisual/information technology.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Module E Office Renovation
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Lawrenceville, NJ
United States

235,000 sf (21,832 m²)