DuBiotech Nucleotide Lab Complex

DuBiotech Nucleotide Lab Complex

DuBiotech Nucleotide Lab Complex

A Dedicated, Modern Lab Compound for Biotechnology

Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech) has a goal of creating the largest life sciences cluster in the Middle East. In realizing this goal, DuBiotech created the Nucleotide Lab Complex, the region's first dedicated modern laboratory compound and the largest laboratory facility in the Middle East. The complex was designed to house biotechnology, life sciences and pharmaceutical activities ranging from research and development, diagnostic, analytical and equipment training activities.

Key Features Include:

  • A DNA motif runs throughout the entire DuBiotech park, connecting the various components as well as recognizing and reinforcing the important work that will be conducted in the building.
  • The façade of the lab complex alludes to the biotechnology research taking place within: the pattern of both the windows on the north and the louvers on the south mimics the images on a "southern blot," the method routinely used in molecular biology to sequence a DNA sample.
  • The lobby provides views directly into the labs to showcase the scientific activities happening inside.
  • Elements of the natural environment — fire, water, earth and air — were the basis for selecting forms and materials for the building. These elements also guided the sustainable design strategy for the project, helping the project achieve LEED Silver certification (the first research facility in the region to earn this distinction).
  • The complex is designed to achieve water savings of 1.5 million gal/yr compared with a typical Dubai building, and projected energy savings are 27% less annually than specified by ASHRAE 90.1.

The DuBiotech Nucleotide Lab Complex was designed in partnership with Kling Consult.

DuBiotech Nucleotide Lab Complex
Dubai Holdings

United Arab Emirates

350,000 sf (32,510 m²)