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HDR Minneapolis Office

HDR Minneapolis Design Studio

Coffee Shop Meets Design Studio

When it was time for our design studio to relocate from its previous location in St. Paul to the downtown Minneapolis Mayo Clinic Square entertainment district, the design team went to work exploring and establishing a plan that centered around health and wellness, collaboration and flexibility. They also sought a design that reinforces the same tenets we encourage our clients to think about: the importance of providing memorable and inspiring spaces; creating a diversity of opportunities for collaboration; interaction or concentration and telling the story of their brand through the design solution.

Notable features of this new office space include:

  • Unassigned and universal work stations offer flexibility of work flow as daily tasks and project teams guide the choice of where team members gravitate. Various collaborative areas offer options with mixed levels of privacy and group size.
  • Writable wall surfaces and an open café area were also essential elements to achieve the collaborative and hospitality-focused design goals.
  • The standard desk offers height adjustable open benching applications for users to choose whether to sit or stand.

The new office layout helped to transform the office culture. Staff members report that they are better connected and more involved with each other and that the office design’s unpredictable, dynamic nature aligns perfectly with our fast-paced work environment.

HDR Minneapolis Office

Minneapolis, MN
United States

10,000 SF (900 m²)