Office Renovation

Flatrock Group Office

Office Renovation

The historic Omaha Box Company was recently renovated into a new office building to meet the growing capacity and product capability needs of our client.

Initially constructed in the 1890s, the building underwent 18 additions over the years, leaving the design team to harmonize various building materials and construction methods.

A section of the second floor was removed to create an open and bright workplace filled with office and collaboration space. Other warehouse elements, like the fire-rated barn doors and vintage wooden carts, were also repurposed and incorporated into the space to develop a vintage warehouse feel. The result is a design that leverages existing conditions, including load-bearing masonry walls with timber framed floors and roofs, with new materials, like CMU walls with steel bar joist roofs, to create a modern, industrial aesthetic.

Unique to the site was the existing railroad line running through the east portion of the warehouse. It was initially used for off-loading rail cars and adapted to run tests on equipment and attachments that serve the agricultural and rail industries.

Flatrock Group Office
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