Pacific Campus Parking Structure

Pacific Campus Parking Structure University of Nebraska Omaha

Pacific Campus Parking Structure

Lively, Beautiful Parking Structure Makes Bold Statement on Campus

As the University of Nebraska Omaha continues to develop as a metropolitan university, this 1,400+ space parking structure provides a safe and functional facility that is easy to navigate and enhances the campus visually with a simple, bold expression. Serving both students in the adjacent residence halls and the campus itself, the parking structure uses a straight-forward design strategy for a utilitarian building type, achieving a fit as an integral component of the campus. To achieve a simple, functional and beautiful solution, several complex elements were woven together to address key issues which include safety, security and functionality:

  • Aesthetics, elegance and scale
  • Open design based on nature (a stand of reeds), the façade is a series of vertical precast concrete “reeds” wrapping the functional box of the garage
  • Rotating several of the reeds in a natural pattern softens the façade allows in maximum sunlight and views, as well as views in at night, providing an open, airy and safe environment
  • Concrete structure to further the open nature of the design, while providing a durable and maintenance-free facility 
Pacific Campus Parking Structure University of Nebraska Omaha
University of Nebraska Omaha

Omaha, NE
United States

1400+ space


Merit Award (2017)
Excellence in Design
American Institute of Architects, Central States Region
Nebraska ACI Outstanding Award Achievement, Winner (2017)
American Concrete Institute, Nebraska Chapter