Rock Island Clean Line HVDC Transmission

Public Involvement Meeting

Rock Island Clean Line HVDC Transmission

Bringing renewable energy to 1.4 million Midwestern homes.

Clean Line Energy Partners selected our team to help with siting, permitting, public involvement and stakeholder outreach for the Rock Island Clean Line project, which will deliver 3,500 MW of renewable energy across the Midwest and into the eastern U.S. The project will bring renewable energy to homes, lowering energy prices with competition, and dramatically reducing carbon dioxide pollutants by millions of tons.

Power will be delivered via a 500-mile, 600 kV overhead High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line, so we helped the Clean Line Energy team review a wide range of alternatives consistent with all federal, state and local laws and regulations to determine suitable study corridors. Our environmental review included potential impacts to residences, agricultural land, state and federal lands, recreational areas, water resources, known cultural resources, sensitive habitats and protected species. We evaluated engineering considerations like corridor width, clearances over man-made obstacles and the type of terrain that may be traversed, and developed potential routes for state and federal permitting approval. 

With the understanding that a high level of public involvement and stakeholder outreach was needed, we drafted a strategic approach aimed at engaging resource agencies, local governments, NGOs and the public throughout the project's duration. We developed all public meeting and marketing materials, and arranged logistics for a total of 26 meetings.

Rock Island Clean Line will open the door to $7 billion of new renewable energy projects in the region.

Public Involvement Meeting
Clean Line Energy Partners

Iowa and Illinois,
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