University of Nebraska—Lincoln, Manter Hall

Manter Hall Lab Renovation

University of Nebraska—Lincoln, Manter Hall

Lab Renovation Puts Science on Display

The renovation of Manter Hallhome to biological sciences education and research programs on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus — is part of a larger master plan concept intended to bring new energy and focus to the Life Sciences Quad area of the campus. In Phase One of the project, renovations to the first and fourth floors of Manter Hall transformed an aging biological sciences building into a cutting-edge facility that promotes digital learning and interdisciplinary collaborations, while supporting the continued growth of the biological sciences program. 

Key features of the design include:

  • Expanded teaching laboratories facilitate collaboration and transform student learning. The ten 1,000-square-foot labs (accommodating 24 students each) are technology-rich and customizable to accommodate individual faculty needs.
  • A redesigned anatomy lab includes six cadaver tanks, a specialized high-definition camera system (to capture dissection images), group work stations, and an air exchange system that replaces air in the lab 22 times each hour (eliminating formaldehyde odors).
  • A 12-foot wide corridor space, or strada, allows for daylight and open views into the labs, facilitating social interactions and visual access to the real-time conduct of science.
  • Crafted by the lead project designer, custom wood benches composed of reclaimed wood from a local barn juxtaposed with the technology enriched labs, creates a visual representation of biology, one of nature and the past and one of discoveries for the future.
  • Relocation of the Student Resource Center to the first floor improves student access to tables/desks, text books, computers and study spaces, and enhances recruiting efforts.
Manter Hall Lab Renovation
University of Nebraska Lincoln

Lincoln, NE
United States

29,000 SF (2,695 m²)


IDEA Awards (2016)
Education Category
International Interior Design Association, Great Plains Chapter
Merit Award (2016)
Interior Architecture Category
American Institute of Architects, Nebraska Chapter