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Employee Ownership

Take Ownership

You can feel it every day — employee ownership shapes our culture.  That means the success of our company, and where we go from here, rests on all of our shoulders. It makes us accountable to ourselves and to each other.  It’s our company, and our actions and engagement make the difference.

What ownership means — our employees say it best

I'm Invested: Jerome Brown

In 2002, Jerome wasn’t thinking about retirement — let alone employee ownership. He was young, new to HDR and focused on living life to the fullest.

“Now I’m kicking myself,” he said. “You see the results and just think ‘wow.’”

Wow is right — and not just when looking at the financial benefits. It’s about how each of us operates. As an employee-owner today, Jerome likens it to owning vs. renting a car.

“When you own it, you take care of it differently than a rental,” he said. “I think in many organizations, people have the attitude of renters. They are not looking to leave a legacy or impact or nurture others. But when you own it — you treat it like you own it. That’s the magic sauce that keeps people here.”

All in all, it boils down to one thing, Jerome says.

“We matter. At some companies, you contribute but you might not matter. That’s not the case here: You really understand that you matter because you’re more than just an employee.”