Information Lifecycle Governance Statement

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HDR’s Information Lifecycle Governance program establishes business requirements to effectively manage the retention and destruction of business records in accordance with applicable statutory, regulatory, legal, financial and business requirements. The ILG program includes policy, procedures, retention schedules, and tools to manage retention of our information.

ILG helps HDR:

  • Implement consistent business practices for retaining or discarding HDR business records.
  • Manage cost and risk related to data retention.
  • Establish a legally defensible document destruction program for business records lifecycle.
  • Develop taxonomy, consistent file plans and secure locations for business record storage.

ILG benefits our client:

  • Ensures our business records retention periods are determined in a manner compatible with legal requirements, regulations, and business needs.
  • Safeguards against illegal removal, loss, or destruction of project records.
  • Provides consistent business records management approach across all HDR markets.
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John Henderson
Chief Executive Officer

July 8, 2024