Bergschneider Writes About Influential Colleague in Journal AWWA

Kevin Bergschieder, HDR and Dr. Graham Gagnon

When your water research transcends basic science and earns a reputation for rich, interconnected professional networks, then you too can have an empire named after you. At least that’s what happened for Dr. Graham Gagnon.

Talking more about Grahamdroids or Grahamphites is our Kevin Bergschieder in his recent Journal AWWA article titled, “The “Grahampire”: The Broad Impacts of Excellence in Water Research." Kevin and co-author Jennie Rand write about this university professor’s success at putting Atlantic Canada on the world water stage through collaborative research, society involvement, conference presentations, alumni career guidance, and student mentoring.

Moral of the story: your influence on research can outlive you, or even a particular study, when you bring up the next generation of colleagues.

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