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Building Community Trust Through Realistic Bridge Visualization

Scrupulously authentic renderings of signature bridges are a key part of creating structures that match community expectations. They also promote honesty in decision-making as a project develops and moves from concept to final design.

By paying close attention to the environment around a bridge, renderings can vividly communicate how users will experience a finished structure. Bridge designer Michael Fitzpatrick and visualization expert Jimmy Vincent wrote in Aspire magazine about how this approach promotes open communication and helps refine designs.

“As project teams explore the wide range of options a community may consider, depicting those concepts as they realistically might look and feel helps build engagement, trust and credibility for a successful signature structure,” the two wrote. “Realistic renderings are practical tools built into the project plan from the start, much as aesthetics are integral from the start. They are proof of concept — part of smart design.”

Fitzpatrick and Vincent shared an example of how this realistic visualization process looks from concept to detailed design. And they explained how images are built on project-specific knowledge and customized to their audience.

Read the whole article, "Authentic Renderings Build Trust When Designing Signature Bridges," in the Summer 2022 issue of Aspire magazine.