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Climate Change and Holistic Nutrient Management

Pine Creek, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Developing a Roadmap for Improved Nutrient Management

Since 2019, several of our HDR’s wastewater experts have been collaborating with The Water Research Foundation on project WRF 4974 “Holistic Approach to Improved Nutrient Management: Phase 1” with the goal of developing a roadmap that advances nutrient management in new and improved ways.

More recently, HDR's Dave Clark, Trent Stober and Michael Falk wrote an article based on the research project for the October-December 2022 issue of Advances in Water Management magazine. “Climate Change and Holistic Nutrient Management” lays out practices, policies and partnerships for utilities to consider when managing the impacts of climate change on watershed nutrient levels and management strategies.

Climate Change and Holistic Nutrient Management

Dave Clark
Wastewater Director
Trent Stober
Utility Management Services Director
Mike Falk
Wastewater Lead, West Region