Academic Health Center Aerial View

Designing World-Class Academic Health Centers

Academic health centers form a unique combination of education, research and clinical care that offers patients cutting-edge medical treatment and care. They can uplift society by improving access and establishing human-centered communities through links to transportation and public services, opening the doors for innovation districts and health precincts.

Our knowledge and understanding of the history and direction of trends, merged with an understanding of local context and its relationship to design and planning enables us to create strong relationships between health, research and education. These elements coalesce into a wider strategy to anchor developments and propel local economies forward, establishing sustainable and resilient communities.

Within these environments, researchers are embedded into communities to better understand underlying health issues and inequities and healthcare professionals are drawn to advanced facilities and collaborative environments to offer advanced healthcare services that can dramatically impact population health outcomes and social equality.

Explore our in-depth perspectives on academic health center design.

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