HDR staff performing a water main condition assessment evaluation

Developing an Action Plan for Pipeline Condition Assessment

The Benefits of Answering the Right Condition Assessment Questions

According to the American Water Works Association’s State of the Water Industry survey, aging infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement are among today’s greatest challenges. Water mains represent most of a utility’s assets, and in many water systems, they average more than 50 years old. 

Condition assessment is an important tool for utilities for planning renewal investments. Through various condition assessment methods, utilities can fix the right pipes at the right time in the right manner. Whereas pipes in good condition can be left in service longer, using renewing methods tailored to the situation at hand can help prevent breaks, improve decision-making about spending, and in turn increase public confidence that utilities are spending funds wisely.

In the article “Develop An Action Plan for Pipeline Condition Assessment,” our co-authors Dan Ellison, P.E., and David Spencer, P.E., explore questions and approaches available to utilities for making cost-effective decisions about infrastructure renewal. This article was published in the American Water Works Association’s Opflow magazine, July 2024 issue.

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