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Doug Thiessen Offers Port Development Insights to Inbound Logistics Magazine

Doug Thiessen
Doug Thiessen

With consumer demand unrelenting and cargo volumes at historically high levels, ports across the U.S. are tackling major projects to add capacity, improve their efficiency and take advantage of new technology.

HDR's West Region Ports and Maritime Lead Doug Thiessen, P.E., spoke with Inbound Logistics magazine about the challenges that ports are facing. Thiessen has nearly four decades of experience in the planning, design and support of port development projects, including stints working for the two largest ports on the West Coast. He highlighted the opportunities that ports have to improve their facilities while noting that port projects can have very extended timetables, making prompt planning critical.

“U.S. seaports need continued large capital investments in modernization to repair and replace older docks and piers, deepen channels, install larger and improved rail yards, improve electrical service, and improve landside road links,” Thiessen said. “Planning ahead with ports and marine terminals to ensure modern, cost-effective facilities are available to handle your cargo is important.”

Read the whole article, "Port Development Accelerates," in the August 2023 issue of Inbound Logistics.