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Finding Waste Opportunities in Local Climate Action Plans

HDR waste professionals were featured in a Waste Dive article showcasing our team's analysis of local climate action plans to find opportunities for solid waste planning. Kate Bartelt and Kevin De Lange recently presented a webinar to hundreds of waste professionals, laying out the results of their review of 20 city and county climate action plans last June. Bartelt, who led the research, discovered more than 300 action plans were related to waste, and about 70 percent of them centered around three paramount principles: source reduction and reuse, recycling and organics management. 

In the article, Bartelt explains the myriad opportunities for solid waste planning, stressing the importance of combining several strategies to make an impact. “I wish I could say there’s an easy button, but there isn’t,” Bartelt said. 

Kate Bartelt
Sustainability and Resiliency Lead - Power, Industrial, Wast...
Kevin De Lange
Waste Client Development Leader