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HDR Experts Explain Research on the Value of Digital Delivery for Transportation Agencies

As transportation agencies continue to transition to digital delivery of infrastructure projects, they want to understand the monetary value of the approach and the cost of implementing the technology. A recent 18-month study funded by the Federal Highway Administration through the Transportation Research Board addressed the business case for Lifecycle BIM for Infrastructure, seeking to quantify the return on investment of transitioning to digital delivery.

Two of the study’s authors — Transportation BIM Program Manager Alexa Mitchell and Economics and Statistics Director Chris Williges — recently shared insights from the research with InfraTalk America.

“Using this tool can show agencies exactly where they will save money, where they will spend money and the long-term implications of these choices,” Williges said.

Mitchell echoed the value that this research provides in helping transportation agency leaders curious about their investments. And she shared some insights from how one agency has already put it to use in analyzing a statewide transition. “Digital delivery is getting much attention in transportation, and rightfully so,” Mitchell said.

Read the whole article, “BIM for Infrastructure: A New Tool Quantifies the Savings,” at InfraTalk America.

Chris Williges
Economics and Statistics Director
Alexa Mitchell
Transportation BIM Program Manager