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Important Considerations From The History of Modern Building Control Systems

Control System Integration as seen at Children's Hospital, Omaha.

Building control platforms, open communication protocols and the networked internet have evolved to create a simple solution for integrating multiple control systems.

Databridge Market Research suggests that the building control system market, valued at $16.25 billion in 2022, will rise to $53.25 billion by 2030 and is projected to grow annually at a rate of 16.15% during this period.

As buildings continue to be ever more sophisticated, intelligent and complex, the requirements of integrating newer technologies into building control systems increases.

HDR's Joseph Lisowski, mechanical instrumentation and controls section manager, explores how building control systems have evolved to be increasingly more multifaceted and how integration can help enhance security and sustainability.

Read the full article, "Important considerations from the history of modern building control systems," as published by Consulting-Specifying Engineer.