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International Aviation Director Robert Feteanu Discusses Airports of the Future

As airports look to the future, it’s clear that today’s fast-changing technology will contribute to big changes in how these important mobility hubs are built, designed and used. The use of autonomous vehicles is already being explored at some major facilities. Automation is streamlining and improving numerous operations. The goal of all of these disruptors is to provide better service to travelers at a lower cost.

Robert Feteanu
Robert Feteanu

Robert Feteanu, P. Eng., HDR’s international region aviation director, spoke with Euronews about the latest trends in global aviation and what travelers might see in the coming decades. In particular, he focused on upcoming changes in passenger processing, amid what is expected to be a rapid growth in travel over the next quarter century.

“The biggest challenge at the moment is the pace of growth of demand in the aviation industry,” Feteanu said. In the next 25 years, forecasts show that travel demand will double, he pointed out, “which means that in theory, if we continue doing business as usual, we should double our infrastructure, which is not possible.”

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