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Jeff Murray Discusses Landfill Mining in Gizmodo

Amid landfill waste there’s valuable material — metals, plastics and e-waste that could be mined, and used for a second life. Landfill mining involves uncapping a landfill to sort and recover valuable materials with the intent of recycling them into new products. So why isn’t landfill mining a common practice? 

HDR Landfill Practice Leader Jeff Murray explores that question, comparing landfill mining motivations in the U.S. to those in Europe in the Gizmodo article “Why Isn't Landfill Mining More Popular?” Jeff’s perspective is featured alongside insights from Lúcia Helena da Silva Maciel Xavier, senior researcher at the Center for Mineral Technology in Rio De Janiero, and Travis P. Wagner, professor emeritus of environmental science and policy, University of Southern Maine. 

Why Isn't Landfill Mining More Popular?