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National Go Fishing Day

June 18 is National Go Fishing Day

Our staff around the country are showing support for National Go Fishing Day. Held every June 18, this holiday provides a fun excuse to enjoy the outdoors. It is also an opportunity to shed some light on the importance of fish and aquatic resources, which provide important ecological, economic and social benefits. 

"I'll never forget my 92-year-old grandfather talking to my three year-old son about fishing. Generations apart, they connected through a common passion. I know many of you could also share fond memories of loved ones, friends or an unforgettable day on the water. On June 18, I encourage everyone to join me in recognizing National Go Fishing Day. Take time to get outdoors, enjoy our wonderful aquatic resources, rekindle old memories or make new ones of your own."

— Matt Cochran, Fisheries Director

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