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National Go Fishing Day

Celebrate National Go Fishing Day

Each year on June 18, National Go Fishing Day offers a wonderful reason to enjoy the great outdoors. It's also a chance to highlight the significance of fish and aquatic resources, which play a crucial role in our communities by offering ecological, economic and social benefits.

Dear Angler, 

As iconic inventions go, the fishing pole must have a spot somewhere between the wheel and sliced bread. Thought to be first employed over 4,000 years ago, using a fishing pole to land a fish has become one of the most consequential outdoor activities the world has ever known. From providing food to connecting families, the fishing pole, in all its simplicity, has a deep and meaningful significance.

On June 18, we have an opportunity to recognize that significance by participating in National Go Fishing Day. Whether it’s your first cast in years or your thousandth of the year, I encourage everyone to grab that iconic fishing pole, ditch the smartphone and hit the water.

— Matt Cochran, Fisheries Director 

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Enter our National Go Fishing Day Tournament on FishDonkey to compete for bragging rights and share your catches. To register, download the FishDonkey app, select "Fish in a Tournament," search for "HDR," and join the tournament*.

You can also join the conversation on social media and share what fishing means to you.

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*NOTE: There is a $5 registration fee paid to FishDonkey for administering the tournament. HDR is not collecting any funds from the tournament.

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