A New, More Effective Way to Retime Traffic Signals

If signal timings are not kept up to date, customer satisfaction goes down and customer complaints go up.

See how using big data is a more cost-effective and efficient approach to retiming your traffic signals to keep traffic moving while reducing emissions and improving safety. 

After seven years of managing all the traffic signals and addressing customer complaints for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and retiming tens of thousands of intersections across the country, we’ve established proven signal timing best practices.

This video shows you how you can create an extremely cost-effective signal timing plan based on data that:

  • Incorporates a user-friendly report allowing you to manage your traffic signal systems more effectively and efficiently
  • Optimizes signal timing to reduce your timing budget or free up funds to retime other signals 
  • Continuously updates signal plans, reducing the need to consider costly adaptive traffic signals

To learn more, watch the video and contact our laycee.kolkman [at] (subject: Using%20Big%20Data%20to%20Retime%20Traffic%20Signals%20Inquiry%20) (Traffic Engineering Director Laycee Kolkman) to discover how we can help you update your signal retiming program.

Laycee Kolkman
Traffic Engineering Director