Peter Calthorpe Featured in National Geographic Story About Cities of the Future

Our urban planners seek to create walkable, livable, resilient and sustainable communities. One of the impediments to this progress is society’s overreliance on automobiles.

In a National Geographic feature story, “To Build the Cities of the Future, We Must Get Out of Our Cars,” Calthorpe offers insights about communities close to his home in Northern California.

“The problem with urban environments that are auto oriented,” Calthorpe said, “is that if there’s no choice, if the only way to get around is in a car, lo and behold, people are going to use cars too much. Too much for the climate, too much for people’s pocketbooks, too much for the community in terms of congestion, too much for people’s time …”

He goes on to explain the evolution of transit-oriented development principles, offering examples of how we’re applying them to shape communities throughout the world.

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