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Why Strategic Communications Matters

Managing Risk and Public Expectations Through Authentic Engagement 

Proactive, collaborative and responsive stakeholder and public engagement drives project success by preventing risky and costly development delays or cancellations. While the practice of engaging the public and stakeholders in a project’s early stages is nothing new, the level of public influence and involvement has never been higher. Read our article to learn how utilities can focus on authentic engagement to manage risk and public expectations.

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About the Authors

Katie Hatfield Edstrom

Katie Hatfield Edstrom, Ph.D., is a senior strategic communications coordinator in our Omaha, Nebraska, office. She is a skilled communicator with expertise in message construction, audience analysis and group facilitation. Katie applies the theory and knowledge from her role in an academic environment to help our clients develop and implement successful strategic communications plans. She excels in leveraging existing communication strategies and employing new technologies and tools to achieve our clients' best possible outcome.

Alicia Uzarek
Alicia Uzarek

Alicia Uzarek is a senior strategic communications coordinator in our Minneapolis office. She leads innovative and inclusive community engagement processes. Alicia tailors each project to the client and the community served. She values attention to detail and has more than ten years of experience working with diverse audiences on water and environment related plans and projects.

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