Novartis Australia headquarters collaborative workspace


Supporting Work Wherever It Happens

The largest generation in history is entering the workforce, causing a radical transformation in how and where we work. Our focus is the creation of places that lift the human spirit and foster contemporary ideas of connection, collaboration and creativity. Our architects, designers and workplace strategists partner with both employers and developers to deliver buildings and spaces that guide these objectives. In doing so, we consider the impact of site as well as personal, social, and cultural context.

Buildings are instruments for human endeavor, and the workplace is an integral part of our daily lives. We’re harnessing an explosion of new energy and enthusiasm to enhance cityscapes and lifestyles — and support work wherever it happens. We design buildings and developments to influence divergent interests: stimulating places, connected destinations, collaborative workspaces, occupant well-being, superior economic performance and highly efficient systems.

Enriching the Human Experience

We design buildings and transform work spaces to enable our clients’ missions and express their unique brands. We approach problem-solving and future-making as central to supporting the project’s success. We employ a data-driven approach to inform user needs. We leverage a deep understanding of the built environment to empower users with innovative and flexible solutions.

Above all, we celebrate each project as an opportunity for enriching the human experience and contributing to a sustainable society.