Group of people against modern glass facade | WEFTEC 2021


October 16 - 20, 2021

McCormick Place
Chicago, IL
United States

Where the Water Community Comes to Connect

Every year this conference allows us to learn, connect and talk about ways to provide safe and clean water. We have missed being together in person and look forward to catching up in Chicago. We’re proud to be sponsoring and are excited to be presenting at the Water Environment Federation’s annual conference, WEFTEC 2021. We hope you will join us as we share research, case studies and insights on boundary-breaking water quality topics.

Take a look at our speaker lineup. See the faces of HDR participating in WEFTEC. We can’t wait to make the most of our connections and accomplish great things with you. 

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Our WEFTEC 2021 Sessions

Sunday, October 17
Workshop - WEF/WRF Dewatering Optimization: Practical Ways to Improve Performance | 8:30 a.m. CDT

  • Facilitator: Stephanie Spalding
  • Presenter: Adam Parmenter

Monday, October 18
Career Fair - McCormick Place | 1 p.m. CDT

  • Recruiter: Keegan Yager

Setting the Groundwork for Success in Your Asset Management Program | 1:30 p.m. CDT
Painting the Full Picture: Condition Assessments Upgraded to Comprehensive Asset Evaluations

  • Co-presenter: Mike Falk

Technology Advancement in Sidestream Phosphorus Recovery | 4 p.m. CDT
Brushite Recovery from Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Sludge to Improve Dewatering Characteristics

  • Presenter: Mario Benisch

Startup of the first US NuReSys Phosphorus Sequestrian Facility | 4 p.m. CDT

  • Co-presenters: Ty Morton and Mario Benisch

Startup and Pilot Testing of MBBR and IFAS Partial Denitrification/Anammox Processes | 4:30 p.m. CDT
Use of Integrated Planning to Facilitate an NPDES Permit Renewal

  • Presenter: Justin Macmanus

Tuesday, October 19

Panel - Being a Woman in a Changing World: How Cross-Cultural Experiences Shape Female Engineers | 10 a.m. CDT

  • Facilitator: Grace Caballero 

Knowledge Development Forum: The Plot Thickens Part I - Current State of Granular Sludge | 11:45 a.m. CDT
Solids Handling and Treatment Performance with Waste Activated Sludge from the Nereda® Aerobic Granular Sludge Process: Comparisons to Conventional Activated Sludge

  • Presenter: Bryce Figdore

Data-Driven Engineering through Data Analytics | 1:30 p.m. CDT

  • Facilitator: Nitin Katiyar

Biosolids End Use: Improvements and Lessons Learned | 4 p.m. CDT
Can THP Biosolids Be Composted? Why Even Consider It? Lessons from The First-ever Full-scale Pilot

  • Presenter: Sebastian Smoot

Wednesday, October 20
Industrial Stormwater: Emerging Requirements, Historical Challenges and Cutting-edge Treatment Technology | 8:30 a.m. CDT

  • Facilitator: Nitin Katiyar

What Do You Need in Your CIP Toolbox? Tools and Approaches to Optimize Your Capital Program | 11 a.m. CDT
Maximizing Return on Investment Using Intelligent Algorithms to Prioritize Capital Improvements

  • Co-presenter: Trent Stober

Pathogen Pep-Talk: How We Monitor, Model and Convey Data | 1:30 p.m. CDT
Data-driven Public Outreach: Using a Community Survey and Market Research to Create a Campaign that Engages Customers

  • Presenter: Rahkia Nance

Biogas: Market-Based Decisions for Resource Recovery | 1:30 p.m. CDT

  • Facilitator: Stephanie Spalding

Biogas: Market-based Decisions for Resource Recovery | 1:30 p.m. CDT

  • Moderator: Stephanie Spalding