HDR Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of IIJA with $649 Million in Client Grant Awards

HDR’s REM Approach Helps Agencies Prioritize and Align Transportation Projects for Funding

One year after the president signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law on November 15, 2021, HDR's broad-based grants support team has achieved a strong track record of success and is poised to build on it in 2023. The firm has assisted clients in obtaining $649 million in discretionary grant funding for 26 transportation projects across 19 states — with more 2022 grant applications pending.

The grants awarded to date have drawn from numerous federal programs and agencies, and support a wide range of transportation initiatives, including multimodal transit centers, major highway improvements, bus facilities, port rehabilitation and more.

"With our diversified expertise, we are able to provide a broad spectrum of services,” said Eric Beightel, infrastructure principal and environmental strategist at HDR. “The capacity to serve our clients is immense and opens the doors for our staff to work with our clients on interesting projects, develop new tools, and make a real impact."

To help with grant project screening and prioritization, HDR’s Advisory Services and Infrastructure Finance team developed a multi-step process called REM — Readiness, Eligibility and Merit — to identify projects that will be most competitive for each grant program. This innovative prioritization tool was developed to help the Ohio Department of Transportation develop its own funding strategy tailored to the state’s needs yet aligned with federal criteria and requirements. 

"I'm extremely excited about the REM tool,” said Nathan Macek, HDR’s infrastructure finance director. “Our approach provides a practical way to screen and prioritize projects and helps sponsors to quickly discern which projects may be most promising to apply for grant funding.”

HDR’s grants team has helped clients through the entire funding process, from developing a customized funding strategy and preparing grant applications including tailored benefit-cost analyses to completing technical requirements and providing additional services post-award.

“Our work doesn’t end with a successful grant application,” said Janet González Tudor, HDR’s transportation advisory services director. “We have the diversified expertise and capacity  to help streamline project delivery throughout the asset life cycle, from planning, design, and construction through asset management and decommissioning. Our teams thrive on delivering transformative outcomes and making great things possible in communities everywhere.”

To learn more about HDR’s policy and funding offerings, contact Nathan Macek.

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