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President Biden recently signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, also referred to as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. This legislation represents a generational investment in roads, bridges, transit, passenger and freight rail, ports and airports, delivering clean water, moving toward greater renewable energy production, and closing the digital divide by expanding broadband deployment. The IIJA increases funding and modifies eligibility to existing programs and creates new funding programs to restore and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.

We are committed to empowering our clients to advance infrastructure, pulling out the key information in the bill that our clients need to plan their programs and secure new funding. We also monitor the federal policies affecting infrastructure and provide analysis that will help our clients successfully deliver their projects. Check back regularly to gain insights from our policy experts, learn more about specific types of infrastructure touched by the IIJA, how we can help our clients optimize the opportunities presented by this new legislation, and other important policy updates.

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Federal Infrastructure Policy and Funding Updates

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Infrastructure Funding by State

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IIJA Policy Briefs

A summary of the key elements of the IIJA and provides information on how we can help our clients think through their projects or programs to optimize the opportunities presented by this new legislation.

A summary of the key new and existing discretionary funding programs administered by the U.S. Department of Transportation and modified or created by the IIJA. It describes project eligibilities, known funding amounts and application requirements.

This discusses the key provisions within the IIJA that affect project delivery — specifically those that inform the environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act and permits, approvals and authorizations under other federal environmental laws.

This summarizes several new programs in the IIJA to support increased access to high-speed internet and help ensure equitable distribution of essential public services to enable all Americans to enjoy the benefits of broadband.

This summarizes the ongoing efforts by the Biden administration to promote inclusion and discusses portions of the IIJA that address environmental justice and equity considerations, providing a holistic evaluation of the current policy landscape and how the renewed national conversation in this area informs federal funding decisions.

This summarizes current efforts by the federal government to advance port improvements and breaks down a few of the key provisions of the IIJA affecting ports and freight movement.

This provides background on federal climate-related initiatives and serves as an illustrative overview of IIJA programs related to climate, resiliency, and adaptation. This discussion is not exhaustive and should serve as a starting point for understanding the breadth and depth of programs focused on this topic.

This summarizes the key water-related programs in the IIJA that represent the majority of the investments in water infrastructure over the five-year term of the bill.

This summarizes the significant public transportation and passenger rail provisions of the bill, as well as Federal-Aid Highway Program funds eligible to support transit and rail projects.

This brief focuses on the $62 billion of the bill directed to the U.S. Department of Energy to invest in energy infrastructure rehabilitation projects, research and development and market support.

This discusses the IIJA programs that enhance safety of the road-traveling humans while supporting the natural movements of critical wildlife and fish species.

This summarizes the key funding programs created or modified by the IIJA to facilitate this transition. It also provides an overview of the major policy directives and federal activities designed to influence or standardize the way these systems are implemented.

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