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Transportation Funding and Financial Advisory Services

Comprehensive Funding & Financial Advisory Services to Guide Decision Making

Our infrastructure funding and financial advisory practice offers comprehensive multidisciplinary services to evaluate and implement new funding and financing solutions tailored to your needs. Working with our infrastructure experts across the company, we help owners and agencies make informed decisions to advance their capital programs, meet service expectations, and invest in new technologies for critical projects. More than securing temporary infusions of funding, we're interested in improving the fiscal health of organizations for the long term.

We've worked extensively with clients across the United States to access funding authorized through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act. We help clients across North America understand the funding available and find the grant programs right for them.

IIJA Grants Success

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In the two years since the IIJA was signed, we've helped clients secure $2.4 billion in discretionary grant funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation to advance critical transportation projects in their communities. 

Strategic Financial Planning Services

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Funding Evaluation & Financial Analysis

We can help you understand the current and future financial needs of your projects and programs at a deep level.

  • Financial Feasibility Assessment
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Funding Source Evaluation
  • Utility Rates & Charges Analysis
  • Tolling Finance

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Grants & Federal Financing Support

Our grants experts can develop a customized funding strategy and help you apply for the grants and loans that best fit your goals. 

  • Grant Strategy & Application Support
  • USDOT Financial Plans
  • TIFIA, WIFIA & RRIF Loan Support
  • Grant Administration Support

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Alternative Funding/Finance

Beyond grants, we can help you explore other approaches for funding projects and meeting your community's needs.

  • Asset Monetization & Privatization Studies
  • Public-Private Partnerships & Innovative Delivery Advisory Services
  • Real Estate Finance

Proven Discretionary Grant Strategy Success

Since 2009, we have helped clients secure $4.9 billion in USDOT discretionary grant funds, $1 out of $9 in discretionary funding awarded. Our team includes more than 50 grant application experts backed by professionals experienced in the planning, design and construction of both large and small infrastructure projects.

$4.9B in grants since 2009

Leading Tools to Prioritize Projects for Funding

To help with grant project screening and prioritization, our teams use a multistep process called REM — Readiness, Eligibility and Merit — to identify projects within an agency’s capital plan that will be most competitive for each grant program. Our infrastructure funding experts are able to assist in every stage of the process, from program evaluation and strategic positioning to grant application development to post-award monitoring of technical requirements.

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Contact Our Infrastructure Funding and Finance Experts

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Strategic Consultant
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