CMAA Project Achievement Awards Recognize Two HDR Projects

The Construction Management Association of America presented HDR with two Project Achievement Awards at the CMAA award ceremony at the annual conference held Oct. 30, near Washington, D.C. These awards acknowledge HDR's exceptional performance in the environmental and water/wastewater project categories.

The Project Achievement Awards showcase projects of exceptional quality, recognizing construction and program management teams that have made substantial contributions to innovative projects worldwide.

The Isabella Dam Safety Modification, valued at over $300 million, was recognized in the environmental construction category for projects exceeding $50 million. This achievement was a collaborative effort between HDR and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This retrofit project will enhance the safety of earthen dam structures. It involved raising both the main and auxiliary dams by 16 feet, modifying the service spillway and introducing an emergency spillway. Notably, this project incorporated an innovative 28-foot-tall, 1,300-foot-long, arced labyrinth weir — a first for USACE — aimed at flood mitigation in Kern County, California.

Additionally, the Regional San Tertiary Treatment Facility Project, also valued at over $300 million, was recognized for excellence in the water/wastewater/utility project category for projects exceeding $50 million. The new facility, a key component of the massive EchoWater project portfolio serving Sacramento, represents a $300 million investment. The tertiary treatment facility plays a crucial role in converting wastewater into Title 22 recycled water, offering versatile reuse options for landscape irrigation, agriculture or ensuring a cleaner discharge into the Sacramento River. Noteworthy project enhancements encompass the establishment of a new control center, chemical storage and feed systems, a backwash system, and associated power supply facilities.

As a professional association dedicated to the field of construction management, CMAA membership comprises individuals from federal, state and local government agencies, as well as private sector entities.