Adrian Strain

Adrian Strain, P.E.

Water Resources Engineer

Adrian is a water resources engineer working primarily with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. His background with 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D models is supplemented with physical modeling experience. He applies his project knowledge to support the design process and develop hydraulically efficient solutions. Adrian has applied CFD models to a vast array of hydraulic designs including spillways, fish passage facilities, municipal water intakes, pump stations, and clarifiers. He is an active member of HDR’s Computational Fluid Dynamics Practice Group.

Adrian’s goal is to provide simple and effective solutions using detailed numerical models. He enjoys the modeling process and exploring many possible solutions — with the ultimate aim of providing designs or design parameters that will fit the client’s needs.

Adrian enjoys finding new ways to use existing tools. He has been honored by HDR for creativity and innovation during the design process. Pushing the boundaries allows him to delve deeper into the engineer’s toolbox and provide unique solutions for unique problems.

Adrian has presented at multiple conferences at the local and national level. Conferences have included the computational and water resources community. He has been a member of Northwest Hydropower Association and ASCE.