Becky Holloway portrait

Becky Holloway, CEP

Aquatic Sciences Lead

Becky is the aquatic sciences lead for our Fisheries program. Based in our Everett, Washington, office, Becky brings more than 26 years of experience working with biologists, planners and engineers on fisheries-related projects throughout the western U.S.  

Becky is passionate about projects that help clients address habitat degradation, provide access to historic habitats, and promote the restoration and resilience of aquatic systems. She leads the state and federal regulatory processes for complex in-water projects including fish passage facilities, dam removals, and hatcheries. In addition, she understands regulatory complexities and knows how to identify the right people for each client and  project.  

Becky enjoys mentoring staff and facilitating knowledge transfer and application of skills to all areas of the U.S. She strives to foster a collaborative working environment and encourages career growth amongst her staff and peers. 

Becky is a Certified Environmental Professional and an active participant in the National Association of Environmental Professionals and the American Fisheries Society. Recently, she has developed a national template for biological assessments to encourage consistency and high-quality of documents throughout the country.