Charles Secker

Charles Secker, OAA

Project Principal/Director

“There is a tremendous amount of trust that must exist between our guys on the ground and our globally based design teams. I enjoy building strong relationships between our Middle East office and individuals all over the world.”

In charge of operations in the Middle East, Charles is responsible for preparing all fees for proposals and contributing to the development of technical content. He also coordinates with our design teams located across the globe as a project manager for projects located in the Middle East.

Charles enjoys the day-to-day challenges of working in the Middle East. Each project has its own unique challenges, and our clients’ approach to project delivery differs across the region, he says. With past experience as a project architect, he believes that he brings more to a design team than a traditional project manager.

Charles’s most rewarding accomplishments include his work on the Sidra Simulation Center in Doha, Qatar as both a project manager and an architect. Although it was a small project, it was our first one for this particular client, and he was involved in every step until its successful completion.