Dan Osmun

Dan Osmun, P.E.

Dam Safety and Risk Technical Advisor

As an expert in dam safety and risk-informed decision making, Dan regularly helps clients reduce risks posed by dams. On a typical day, Dan collaborates with staff to resolve risk issues, writing and reviewing dam safety reports, and facilitating risk workshops, where he leads a group of subject matter experts through the dam safety risk estimating process.

While dams provide many benefits to society, such as water supply, flood control and recreation, they also pose risks. Dan’s passion is to help dam owners understand this risk and work with them to reduce it. Dan believes all dam owners — no matter how big or small — could benefit from considering risk in their dam safety programs, and he strives to find customizable and scalable solutions. 

During his 8-year stint at the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Dan served on a 3-person risk advisory team responsible for advising programmatic and technical leadership with prioritization and decision making on Reclamation’s 250 high-hazard dams.    

Dan’s finance education and engineering experience bring a unique business perspective to large and small engineering projects.