Diane Dowgielewicz

Diane Dowgielewicz, LEED AP

Sector Manager, Education & Science

With over 15 years of experience, Diane brings an invaluable combination of creativity, ingenuity and business acumen to her role at HDR. Over the course of her career, Diane has held a broad range of marketing roles, including leading complex international pursuits for the China and Middle East markets at HDR and directing the marketing and business development efforts for a boutique architectural firm. As sector manager for the education and science sector, she helps manage budgeting and planning, conducts research and analysis to inform future trends and opportunities in new markets, geographies, and services, directs internal communication and collaborates with the larger marketing team on external communications and marketing efforts.  

Diane’s main passion lies in connecting people — to new ideas, to projects and to all the talented individuals across the our network. Reach out to Diane with any questions you may have related to our architecture and planning services within the education | science | tech sector.

diane.dowgielewicz [at] hdrinc.com (Email Diane)