Duane Hodgens

Duane Hodgens, PE, LEED AP

ASMEC Design Center Manager

Duane serves several roles as an ASMEC (Architecture and Engineering, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil) Design Center Manager. He manages projects, people, and the quality control of programs around the world.

As a life-long sports fan, he loves the feeling of winning that comes from completing a project or solving a problem together. He’s found a true sense of team within HDR.

One such team developed HDR’s Quality Control Engine (QCE) for BUILDER assessments. Every time QCE is used, it saves numerous hours in the field. Following that, Duane developed a manual that is the guide to performing a successful BUILDER assessment.

In addition to his daily work for government clients and military installations, Duane served as the Tappan Zee Systems/Security Area Manager in New York. The whole  design team has proudly watched the bridge rise from the Hudson River over the past three years.

Duane is also a member of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) local chapter and student mentoring program.