Ian Thomas HDR

Ian Christopher Thomas

Senior Designer

Ian is a senior designer with our global consulting practice, where his focus on computational design provides a unique approach to collaborating with teams and distinctive design sensibilities using awareness towards critical practice in each project. Ian has a unique ability to approach projects from a holistic perspective while developing a deep understanding of each project's macro and micro drivers.

He believes that design is applicable at all scales and in a wide array of typologies to utilize workflows that stem from computation, generative design, advanced geometry, and computational optimization. "All of these methodologies are instrumental in creating an experience that is focused on communication of the design for the end user," Ian says, "all while being cognizant of how the project relates into a critical discourse of historical precedents."

His passion for design, computation and education has provided opportunities to teach at the University of California - Los Angeles, University of Kansas and at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He earned his Master of Architecture degree from the department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA.

While at UCLA, he was selected by 3M to study abroad in Munich, Germany, at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Academy of Fine Arts) and conduct computational research with 3M and their FUTURE LAB on the future of workplace. Ian earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Design from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.