Jim Hanson

Jim Hanson, P.E., PTOE

Senior Transportation Technology Lead

“Technology is all around us and it’s converging in a way that impacts every aspect of our lives. As our transportation systems become more complex and technology focused, we can help our clients develop new strategies to improve operations and create systems that are more equitable and reliable for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, transit users — everyone.” 

As a senior transportation technology lead, Jim assists clients around the world with solutions that tailor advanced technologies to community needs. He leverages emerging transportation trends and technologies, especially in the connected and automated vehicle and smart mobility space, to optimize the safety, efficiency, reliability, operation, resiliency, sustainability and equity of transportation systems. 

Jim’s experience consists of more than 20 years in traffic engineering, transportation planning and innovative technology solutions. From the beginning of his career, he has embraced opportunities to enhance transportation systems operations to improve mobility-user outcomes. He continues to apply that approach by helping a wide range of local, state and federal agencies adopt innovative technologies to create better user experiences and operational efficiencies for a variety of transport systems.

Taking that approach industry-wide, Jim advances best practices in transportation systems management and operations and smart mobility with our clients, staff and partners. He has worked with the Federal Highway Administration, state departments of transportation, cities, counties, metropolitan planning organizations and others to plan for and implement innovations and technology. His expertise helped him collaborate with multidisciplinary teams on the Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and the Washoe County Advanced Mobility Plan in Nevada. Jim’s holistic understanding of different technologies and future-focused outlook helps our clients integrate current and emerging transportation technologies into their mobility systems.