Jon Markt

Jon Markt, P.E.

Traffic Engineer
Transportation Planner

“My work focuses on capturing all benefits of a transportation project to support large investments that make states and cities places where people want to travel.“

Like many engineers, Jon likes solving problems — but first, he likes identifying them. He helps transportation departments focus on projects that embrace changes in policies and priorities to benefit travelers. His traffic models meticulously reflect the realities of traveler delays and safety, the results of which allow agencies to identify traffic and transportation problems that need solving.

Jon's work helps us offer data-driven solutions informed by sophisticated software models. These models account for potential changes to roadway geometry, travel demand, and traffic signals, as well as changing trends and technologies. Variables often include the adoption of autonomous and connected vehicles and shared mobility systems such as ridesharing. 

Jon is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. In 2017, he presented Iowa’s take on performance-based design during the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting and served as an AV/CV expert panelist during the 2017 TRB National Planning Applications in Raleigh, North Carolina.