Justin Robbins

Justin Robbins, AICP

Sr. Electrified Mobility State DOT Program Development Lead

“As technologies evolve, they are also converging to create new mobility options. My entire career has led me here to take on the challenge of planning for and harnessing technology to deliver real and meaningful change for our communities and our world.”  

The shift toward electrified mobility continues to increase in its speed and breadth — providing opportunities to shape future transportation systems for the benefit of society. 

Justin will use his background in technology planning, city and regional planning, and architecture to help clients create comprehensive and actionable electrification plans. He is passionate about forward-thinking mobility designed to improve our society, and will be assisting state Departments of Transportation and local agencies as they work toward the goal of zero emissions mobility. 

Justin defines the goal of zero emissions as a game changer for transportation and society as a whole, and he works with clients to bridge the gap between the planning and technology worlds. Collaborating with multidisciplinary staff across HDR, Justin brings together transportation and power experts to evaluate each client’s situation and develop strategies to successfully deploy EV charging infrastructure and establish zero emissions mobility as a viable transportation option. He also coordinates with HDR’s infrastructure funding and financial advisory team to evaluate and implement new funding and financing solutions for clients. 

His electric vehicle and zero emissions mobility experience includes work with public and private entities, such as multi-state collaboration for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program. He served as the project manager and subject matter expert guiding plans for Minnesota, Kentucky and North Dakota to help each state achieve their EV-related infrastructure efforts. To help Florida DOT to develop a policy framework for increasing adoption of EVs and supporting statewide charging infrastructure. He’s also served as a key contributor or subject matter expert in Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri, California and Colorado.