Kevin Lynch


Interior Design Director

“Design is at the heart of everything we do as architects and interior designers. From big architectural gestures to small interior details, all of it matters.”

As an interior design director, Kevin is consistently pushing the integration of our interior design and production practices to ensure that we exceed client expectations. He is passionate about creating interesting and functional spaces that are built on solid design principles, without being trendy or grandiose — and he loves diving into the particulars of creating space.

During his more than 20 years of healthcare interior design experience, Kevin has applied his in-depth knowledge of healthcare design and strong organizational skills to diverse projects, ranging from the renovation of existing facilities to new multi-million dollar mega-projects worldwide. He is able to work under tight deadlines and challenging project conditions, while helping his clients achieve their project goals.

Kevin is a founding member of American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers, advocating for the advancement of designers to enhance the health, quality and safety of healthcare interior environments through an understanding of the issues that impact patients, residents, family members and healthcare providers.