Pamela Yonkin

Pamela Yonkin, ENV SP

Transportation Sustainability & Resiliency Director

Pam relishes the power of economics to guide objective decision making. She's committed to sustainability and resiliency efforts that help clients make informed decisions as transportation challenges continually evolve. That’s what drives her, and she uses it to help clients synthesize information in meaningful and impartial ways.

Communicating the basis for decisions to stakeholders further fuels her passion. “Helping people understand our approach to a project, our findings, in ways that make sense and are shareable, can be a real challenge,” she said. “And it’s something I find remarkably fulfilling when we do it well.”

Pam co-created our Sustainable Value Assessment, a framework for valuing even hard-to-quantify social and environmental infrastructure impacts. She’s active with Women’s Transportation Seminar in Boston and she writes and presents frequently on transportation’s influence on economic development.

Few things are as professionally fulfilling to Pam as using infrastructure she helped make possible.