Philip Blackmar

Philip Blackmar

Coastal Engineer and Project Manager

As a coastal engineer and project manager based in Corpus Christi, Texas, Philip has experience in shoreline protection, dredging, marsh creation and restoration, beach nourishment, numerical wind wave, ship wake, and circulation modeling, as well as the evaluation of coastal processes and their interaction with structures. 

He is passionate about understanding and protecting our coastlines. Growing up on the coast and avidly pursuing surfing and fishing, Philip has cultivated experience and passion for the ocean all his life. Those hobbies and passions drove him to pursue an education and career in coastal engineering.

Philip has been involved in projects spanning the Northeast to tiny villages in Alaska, with most of his work focusing on the Texas Gulf Coast. Most notably, Philip is able to help protect coastal communities and the surrounding ecosystems from the threat of storms and future sea-level rise.

He is a member of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association and the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute and continues to present and share his work at conferences around the nation.