Santanu Roy

Santanu Roy, PTP

Global Transportation Planning Director

Based in our Orlando, Florida, office, but working with clients and teams from around the globe, Santanu provides strategic leadership to set our vision and drive initiatives to grow our multimodal transportation planning practice while fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation and quality. He specializes in long-range visioning, strategic and tactical planning, policy and systems planning, data analytics and modeling, multimodal and intermodal planning, project development, and technology integration. 

As an urban planner and architect, he is passionate about making the world a better place to live for generations to come. Santanu believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it through innovation. His probabilistic scenario planning work is helping clients understand the transformation of the transportation industry and maximize return on investment while future-proofing infrastructure. Example project types include developing integrated corridor solutions to enhance safety and mobility, implementing automated-connected-electric-shared vehicle technologies, modernizing legacy data systems, advancing next-generation intermodal/multimodal systems, incorporating emerging technologies and innovative design into complete streets considering all modes and users, and leveraging transportation systems to achieve larger societal goals. Drawing from his expertise in all modes of transportation, Santanu guides custom solutions for each project to advance industry practices for the benefit of our clients and communities.

With a strong and diverse background, Santanu has led numerous multidisciplinary teams delivering program management contracts, long-range transportation plans, master plans, corridor studies, transit projects, freight plans, rail plans, intermodal/multimodal studies, toll feasibility studies, managed lane studies, interchange justifications, emerging mobility projects and others around the United States. His wide range of technical abilities and familiarity with federal and state transportation policies and procedures allow him to help clients manage complex projects, make informed decisions, deliver context sensitive solutions and make a difference in the communities we call home.