steve johnson headshot

Steve Johnson, CISSP, CVP

Senior Control Systems Cybersecurity Specialist

Steve has over 40 years of experience as a technical project manager in information technology and telecommunications with an emphasis on cybersecurity for IoT/ICS/OT systems. He serves as global lead for cybersecurity for the transportation sector including surface, aviation, rail and maritime. Primary services include governance, policy, risk assessment, risk tolerance, gap analysis, pen-testing, audits, procurement support, protection of critical infrastructure, business continuity, disaster recovery, incident response training exercises, Systems Engineering Management Process; 23 CFR 940 compliance; PCI compliance, organization specific alignment with NIST CSF or other applicable frameworks, and state/federal compliance.

He provides expertise in the use of emerging technology and “big data” to facilitate improvements in safety, mobility and agency efficiency. Recent projects include developing and implementing secure platforms for collecting, processing, analyzing and sharing of data from smart work zones, geographic information systems, third-party traffic info, etc. for the purpose of informing CV applications, mapping and AWZ updates for automated driving systems, integrated corridor management systems, and predictive analytics.