Todd Feldman HDR

Todd Feldman, P.E.

Senior Structural Engineer

Todd Feldman is a senior structural engineer in Omaha, Nebraska with a 20-year career as a project engineer designing structural systems for academic, health, justice and industrial projects.

Responsible for the design of foundations and structural framing for floor and roof systems, Todd is experienced in delivering fast-track projects where early structural packages are a critical factor in meeting tight schedules. His specialized experience encompasses extreme event analysis and design for blast effects, mitigation of progressive collapse, and high-wind loading.

An adjunct professor for 17 years at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Todd shares his extensive knowledge and professional experience in structural design with students in the architectural engineering program.

His work covers a variety of building types: Aksarben Village Mixed-use Development and Parking Structure, Omaha, NE, USSTRATCOM Command and Control Facility, State Capitol and Herschler Building Renovation, Cheyenne, WY and U.S. Department of Veterans, Caribbean Health Systems Seismic Corrections project.