11 Talavera Road

11 Talavera Road workplace interior

11 Talavera Road

Mixed-Use Building Design Focuses on Cohesive Elements

11 Talavera comprises a proposal for three A-Grade buildings in Macquarie Park, with a diverse mix of office spaces, two cafes, a restaurant, gym, swimming pool, tennis courts and childcare center.

Inspiration for the masterplan was drawn from the region’s history where market gardens and orchards full of color were abundant. The design uses color to transform space, linking floors, canopies and walls; creating impact; and defining zones for people, not for traffic or parking. A common thread of the color red creates cohesion across the site.

The proposal to construct this building from timber stems from studies suggesting increased productivity and reduced stress levels due to improved environmental quality and positive perception.

11 Talavera Road workplace interior

Macquarie Park, NSW

390,084 SF (36,240 m²)