27th Avenue Composting Facility

two staff on project site

27th Avenue Composting Facility

A compost facility worthy of the silver in sustainability.

The City of Phoenix, Arizona, needed a partner to create the conceptual design for a composting facility to help achieve their goal of 40 percent diversion by 2020. So they reached out to us for the planning and development, and a look at the benefits of pursuing verification from a sustainable infrastructure rating system.

With an eye on sustainability throughout the process, the facility preserves greenfields by using an already-developed site and uses innovative waste reduction methods. Taking a proactive role in reducing odors and emissions — top challenges with compost facilities — was important to the city. Aerated piles and bio-filters were the answer, as they also expand the type of feedstock that can be processed from only green waste to also include food waste. Storm water is managed on- and off-site using a locally produced compost product to prevent run-off. The compost also reduces the need for pesticides and fertilizers, and diverts waste from landfills. Looking to the future, the facility is designed to double its size to accommodate program growth.

By integrating thoughtful design with the city’s current approaches and practices, we recommended pursuing verification under the Envision Sustainability Rating System. After initially pursuing bronze verification, additional brainstorming and the design process led the 27th Avenue Composting Facility receiving Envision Silver.

two staff on project site
City of Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ
United States