Alexander Hamilton Bridge Interchange - Three Ramps Replacement

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Alexander Hamilton Bridge Interchange - Three Ramps Replacement

New York City Builders, Inspectors Rehab Critical Infrastructure

The Alexander Hamilton Bridge Interchange serves as important infrastructure to transport people and cargo throughout the East Coast. Built in 1964 and rehabbed in 1989, the interchange ramps see 250,000 vehicles a day and connect the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95) and Major Deegan Expressway (I-87). 

The Three Ramps Replacement Project addresses three deficient structures — ramps C, E and M — and associated on-grade roadways at the intersection. 

The New York State Department of Transportation and Posillico Civil lead the rehabilitation under a design-build procurement, which allows for quicker construction and a shorter project duration. HDR is providing construction engineering and inspection services as a subcontractor to Posillico. We use construction methods and materials that prolong the life of the ramps and reduce future bridge maintenance costs. 

This $139 million project is being constructed in four stages on each ramp. Crews also address one ramp at a given time to avoid traffic impacts. Construction in this urban setting includes 2.04 miles of roadwork — .44 miles of bridge and 1.60 miles of approach pavement. 

Our CE&I scope includes monitoring: 

  • Work zone traffic
  • Demolition and removal of existing bridge deck and approach slabs, guiderails and lighting 
  • Demolition and removal of piers 
  • Replacement of rocker and steel bearings with elastomeric bearings; repair of superstructure steel to accommodate a new, wider deck; fabrication and installation of new fascia girders; and painting of steel members 
  • Repair of abutments, construction of piers on existing foundations, and replacement of pier caps 
  • Construction of pre-cast concrete bridge deck slabs and reinforced concrete approach slabs 
  • Milling and paving to restore pavement to good condition 
  • Fabrication and installation of approach barriers 
  • Replacement of drainage components 
  • Community outreach to inform stakeholders of potential impacts and mitigations 

Construction crews make over the intricate bridge system day and night, through weekends, and in precise order. They keep motorists moving and restore structural integrity. Any misstep could have a chaotic effect on the New York transportation network — grinding traffic to a halt.

Thus, traffic control makes up a big portion of our work. We coordinate lane closures, which profoundly affect the entire borough. With Yankee Stadium just 1.5 miles away from the site, the team carefully plans traffic on game days. 

Weekend and evening work has become a mainstay to keep the project on schedule. Afternoon “swing” shifts and night shifts often include intermittent traffic stops when crane operators pick loads. As such, we provide constant updates to the NYC Communication Room, part of the New York City Department of Transportation, about upcoming lane closures and openings. 

Progress takes many forms and arrives in many stages on this project. The overall project wraps up January 2020.

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